Founder, Mum and CEO

Shona Hind

Inspired by my hero, my wonderful Father, and his passing too soon in 2016, I decided to quit my Banking job and use my gratuity to start my own business. I brought a unique fashion item to life, something I loved and would make people happy. My children had both grown up and left our family home. The time was right for me.
Then, with the onset of Covid-19 in March 2020, like many others, our lives were impacted both professionally and personally. With Malls closing and the hotels not moving any product, I was forced to step in a different direction and started to explore and develop the ideas I had for what was to become the Free Me Company.

Pure . Kind . Real

Free Me Journey

It was time for me to do something and armed with my own integrity and honest values, I worked to bring a mosquito repellent to the UAE that was kind to all skin
Myself, family and friends had always suffered with mosquitos here in Dubai (in fact worldwide) and I had never been successful in finding a repellent that actually worked, smelt half decent and wasn’t loaded with harmful chemicals or DEET. So, I decided to make one! Why not?

Many products I identified in the supermarkets and online stated “All Natural” or “Organic,” when they are so far away from this claim! Most listed their ingredients as 80% “other” or “made with essential oils”. This is not the truth and missing out ingredients, that if not clearly labelled, can cause so much harm to infants or those of us with sensitive skin. On many, age ranges for safe application were not even mentioned! One was needed that really worked and wouldn’t break the bank! Oh and it was important to me that it smelled amazing too as well as clearly listing every ingredient.

So, I began researching the best natural repellent ingredients and partnered with a wonderful local factory to support me to develop the most Naturally Kind formula of a mosquito repellent right here in the UAE. DEET- Free and Chemical Free. We worked together hard and after many samples, our natural repellent is now a “magic potion” that is now a Customer Favourite.!

Shona Hind- Founder Free Me




I took the plunge of ordering 5000 bottles of our Naturally Kind Repellent in September 2020 and by March 2021 these had sold out!


Years Work

I could never have done this alone. I have my family, friends and Marketing partners to thank for their support so far who trusted me and my journey.



Excited  building more unique & essential daily use products from our family run business that is Pure Kind and Real in every way.


The Science

We sourced certified Organic Citronella & Lemongrass Essential Oils (Natures best Organic repellents which smell fabulous) from a trusted company in India, then blended them with less than 2% of preservatives and solubilizers. I learned that this 2% of non-natural ingredients are essential additives to dissolve the oils into the water and of course prevent a stagnant smell on the skin. Better to be 98% Natural and 2% not, than the other way around, which is the reverse for most other offensive repellents out there!

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