The Free Me Naturally Kind Products

Hello everyone! How are we all this week?

Today, I’d love to take you through our different Free Me Naturally Kind products and the journey I went on to create them to solve issues that affected life quality. I wanted to provide happy and pure, kind, and real solutions for the whole family. They have all been conceptualized, produced, and distributed within the UAE, we are a truly homegrown company and proud of what we have managed to create in the place we have called home for 16 years.

First up is our all-natural, organic mosquito repellent, which is also our best seller. It comes in two scents, Citronella & Lemongrass and Lemon Eucalyptus, both gorgeous! I developed this product because of a need as a parent to have something which was perfect for the whole family to use as an insect repellent spray, something which is suitable for babies and animals as well as adults. I spent hours researching what the most effective organic ingredients for keeping bugs and mosquitos away were and looking at what was available on the market, and it turns out that the above essential oil ingredients are the best! Our ingredients are organic, sustainable, and DEET free, meaning they are kinder to the environment and our bodies.

“But animals Shona?” You may ask yes, animals. Our furry friends and four-legged family members also suffer from mosquito and fly bites, you can use our sprays on your family pet dogs and around your cats, to help them avoid the pain of being bitten. This has been confirmed by Modern Veterinary Clinic in Dubai. But this led me to develop the mosquito spray even further with FlyFree, our all-natural, organic multi-insect repellent spray created especially for horses and the equestrian industry.
This spray protects horses from gnats, mosquitos, flies, and ticks, and like all of our products, it is all-natural and smells amazing. It is also safe to use on the horse’s humans too!

The seemingly natural progression from our natural mosquito sprays is our Boundary Candles. Our customers are asking for more candles, so we are working currently to develop them further.
As the name suggests, they create a boundary between you and pesky mosquitoes or other bugs flying around. By lighting our candles in your home or garden, they provide an extra barrier between you and nasty mozzies using the same organic essential oils as our sprays, so they also smell amazing too and last up to 45 hours! We are currently working to create a new batch of Boundary Candles – so watch this space, they truly are an ethical and safe candle choice for your home and your family. I’m super proud of these.

Living in the heat of the Dubai sun, our skin can become dehydrated, and let’s be honest, burned…we’ve all done it! We are lucky to be able to spend so much time outdoors at the beach, in parks, or out on desert adventures. Covering ourselves and loved ones in SPF sometimes isn’t enough to protect our skin, which is why we developed the Free Me Organic After-Sun Soother.

This cooling mist is an excellent skincare savior since it contains 86% organic Aloe Vera juice for moisturising, English chamomile essential oil for calming and soothing, and rose water for healing. Infants and individuals with sensitive skin can use it without fear, and both men and women can use it as a calming after-shave spray. It’s a drink for your skin! A great cooling facial spritz to use at home and outdoors. It’s been described as a “holiday in a bottle!” We can attribute this to the gentle burst of coconut fragrance we added.

Lastly, but by no means least, let me introduce you to our Mandarin Hand Sanitiser. While we have all gotten used to using hand sanitisers since the COVID-19 pandemic, the after-effects on our hands have been, in some cases, quite traumatic. We heard about so many people suffering from dermatitis, mainly caused by the harsh chemicals in a lot of readily available hand sanitisers. We always want to provide Naturally Kind products, and this is why we created the Mandarin Hand Sanitiser, made with organic, natural ingredients, essential oils, and 70% ethyl alcohol, which fights harmful viruses. The UAE’s first Naturally Kind Mandarin Hand Sanitizer, safe for adults and children.

You will be pleased to learn that all our human products are fully certified by Dubai Municipality. We want you to trust us to look after you and your whole family.

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