Hi, I’m Shona

Let me start off by saying that this blog has been overdue for a while now, I said a quick hello when we launched, and then I’ve been caught up in the everyday dealings of running a start-up. But I am forever thankful that you have stuck around long enough for me to say “Hiya!” again and for our newer customers to introduce myself. I promise not to let it go too long this time. As a bonus for reading my first blog in a while, and for the full month of September, I am giving you a FREE Organic After-Sun Soother (which is so much more than an after-sun!) with any purchase of our mosquito repellent! So, stock up on your mozzie repellant and hydrate your skin at the same time…. hurry while stocks last.

Here is a brief overview of what’s in this blog:
● A little about me
● Why I started Free Me Company
● The journey

Many of you may already know me by now, but for those new to Free Me Company, please let me re-introduce myself. My name is Shona Hind, I am a mother to two wonderful, grown-up children, a wife to Paul, and the founder of Free Me Company. A company based on personal values of being pure, kind, and real.
In 2016, I made the huge decision to leave my corporate banking job behind and use the gratuity payment to launch my own business after being inspired by my hero, my Dad, who sadly left us all too soon that year. I produced a one-of-a-kind fashion item that I loved and knew would make other people happy too. My kids had already grown up and moved out of the house by this time, so it felt like the right moment to start a new journey, so Flip Flops By Me was born
Then bang! Like many others, our personal and professional lives were affected by the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. We were pushed down a different path after seeing that the malls were closing, and the hotels were not selling any merchandise. I began to investigate and develop the concepts and ideas I had for the Free Me Company.

As a parent, and suffering with sensitive skin, I had always longed to find and use as kind and natural products as possible on my kids when they were younger, but these were difficult to find in the market, often impossible. Many products claimed to be ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ but were absolutely laden with harmful chemicals, which can be damaging to babies and sensitive skin. So, I decided I wanted to make products for the whole family, that would be organic, naturally kind and most importantly, they must work effectively!

Having lived in Dubai for 16 years, both my family and friends were always suffering from mosquito bites (actually, anywhere warm in the world that we traveled to!), and I had never managed to find a solution that worked well, wasn’t full of nasty chemicals or DEET, and that smelled half decent because, let’s be honest, they all stink! So why not develop one myself? And I did! This became the first leap into creating a natural mosquito repellent for babies, kids, adults, and even pets.

From the very start, I dived straight into researching the most effective natural ingredients, sourcing properly certified organic essential oils, recyclable materials for production, and factories that could produce the products in a sustainable manner whilst always doing our best to be pure, kind, and as real. Not as easy you may think, but we got there! We work with a wonderful factory here in the UAE, we have amazing suppliers, and we are really proud of our Naturally Kind, DEET-free, chemical-free mosquito repellent. Have you tried it yet?

Once we had perfected the first product, our Citronella & Lemongrass mosquito repellent, the ball didn’t stop rolling and we continued to develop our second repellent, Lemon Eucalyptus, and then a soothing after-sun, and a kinder Hand sanitizer and most recently a multi-insect repellent for Horses! Will we stop there? Who knows?
The future is ahead, we are preparing for it, the present is here, and we are here to help you live it.
Shop here to claim your free gift and I am always here if you want to get in touch with me should you want to say hello. We welcome you to our Free Me Family!
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